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About Us

Thanks for reaching us
It is very important for us to introduce ourselves, so that you can know who we are.
We have been working with green tourism for over 14 years now, advising our customers about the most suitable place for them to fulfill their wishes.
We are a professional team committed to meet your requirements and expectations.

José De Santis
José is one of the pioneers. He was the founder of “Jose De Santis Turismo en estancias” and today he is one of the partners of Estancias Argentinas.com
“I started this activity by getting into this business a family ranch where I used to spend my vacations when I was a little boy.
At the very beginning I didn’t know how to run the service. I was not sure whether the reservation was enough or I had to assist the customers further. In fact, I used to go with them to the ranches, and sometimes I prepared the meals as well.
After a short while the demand was higher so it was impossible for me to go along with them. To tell you the truth, I realized that they were happier this way, living their own experience by themselves”.

Contact me at:
Te: ( 00 –54 - 11 ) 4343-2366

Carlos San Martín
Carlos is a Tourism graduate, with a 17 year working experience. He joined “tourism in ranches” together with Jose De Santis, to carry out new project: Estancias Argentinas.com
“It implied a really important change in my hotelier mentality, since rural tourism sometimes requires a handmade style to operate.
After a while I realized this was the best system, the one I was used to. Here we keep our word”.

Contact me at:
Te: 4-343-2366

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