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Frequent Questions

What is tourism in ranches?
It’s a tourism modality where the guests are treated like friends while they spend a few days, enjoying nature and rural tradition.

How about rates?
Prices are per person, on double occupancy basis. Full board.

What does the rate include?
Full board and access to all facilities appearing in the ranch description.

Is it necessary to make a reservation in advance?
It depends on the moment. For Easter’s week or a long weekend you should book it in advance. On a regular basis, 3 or 4 days anticipation is enough.

Is it possible to go without a prior reservation?
No, it’s impossible because the ranch may be closed, full, etc. Apart from that you should book it in advance so that we can guarantee that the place will be fully conditioned, the food is prepared, and they are waiting for you.

What’s the arrival time?
If it’s just for 24hs, you can fix the arrival time, and then the leaving time will be at the same time the following day. In general the check in is at 10 am and the check out at 19 pm.

Do you offer transfers?
We do not offer transfers. When you make the reservation you are given a detailed map and a list of transfers if required.

Which are the nearest ranches?
La Martina, El Metejon, Villa Maria, Parador Los Ombues, San Antonio, La Cina Cina, El Mirador.

What meals are included?
The 4 daily meals. They are home-made and includes “Asado criollo” (creole barbecue).

Are horses included in the rate?
Most ranches have horses and they are included in the rate. In some, you have to pay an extra charge, while in others they are not available for security reasons, but as an alternative they offer sulky rides.

Do the rooms have private bathroom?
Yes the do. Nevertheless, in some cases, when it’s a 4 member family, composed of a couple and two kids, they offer 2 rooms with one bathroom for the group.

Are ranches equipped with a heating system?
All of them.

Do they have air conditioning?
Not all of them. Some have roof fans.

Are they equipped with climatised swimming pools?
For the moment we have only one ranch equipped with a climatised swimming pool but it is unroofed. Spas have heated indoors swimming pools but they are more expensive.

Can I go with my pet?
Depending on the ranch they are allowed or not.

What’s the price for children?
In most ranches, 2 to 9 year old kids, pay 50% of the rate, sharing the room with 2 adults. Prior consultation is required since some ranches have a different age range. Some include kids from 1 year old, and others up to 12. Besides some places charge 60% or 70% of the adult rate. In the case of one kid with one adult, the child will pay the full rate.

Will I get bored in the ranch?
Impossible. There are a lot of activities to do. In order to enjoy the country life and that peaceful environment, you need to relax and allow yourself to idle around.

Are there TV sets in the rooms?
Some ranches have TV sets in the living rooms.

What happens if it rains?
If it’s rains before going to the ranch, you can benefit from the Rain Insurance. You don’t lose your reservation and have the chance to go another day. Should it start raining while you are there, enjoy the soothing effect of the rain drops on the tiles.

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