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Telephone: 4343-2366
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Charm Category
Comfortable establishments with high level facilities, services and personal details, run by small family companies. They are located in bountiful country places. Elaborated home-made cuisine.

The Ranch
Cañuelas, land of dreams, hosts Campos del Sur, a Rural Hotel surrounded by stunning natural scenery, the Pampas, which melts in the infinite sky…in that same sky in which after long nights of contemplation inspires us to name all and every space as if each of them were a constellation…

Campos del Sur
is born to offer a place where to encounter yourself with the nature and tradition…where you will be able to enjoy of fun rural days with swimming pool, riding in sulky, horse riding, mini farm, sport and recreation activities…

Our 20 hectares field has a semi Olympic size swimming pool with hydromassage, solarium, bar and outdoor drinks, gazebos, barbecue pit, mud oven, volleyball court, football field and Clubhouse.

Our Clubhouse, called “La Crux”, is a meeting place that keeps you in touch with nature through its immense windows…The Clubhouse has a huge living-dining room, lounge with fireplace, TV and DVD, playroom, bar, library…

Rest Lounge
The 16 en suite rooms are very comfortable and have a charming interior design. All of them have an amazing view of the field landscape…

The swimming pool is very broad and has a hydromassage. In the swimming pool area, there is also a solarium, a bar and drinks.

The mini farm offers you the possibility to be in touch with affectionate farm animals such as: sheep, bunnies, cows, ducks, quails, hens and other birds.

Here you will find horses prepared to take you for a ride across the countryside.


The park with stray animals, paths, forests and plantations, flowers, fruit trees and aromatic plants juxtapose a landscape full of colors, sounds, flavors and natural fragances…

All of our guest rooms combine the warmth of the countryside with a high standard of comfort and style.

Our 16 guest rooms are surrounded by a natural environment. Its broad windows will allow you to wake up in an enchanted place full of energy…

Double ensuite rooms (Twin or double room):

• Private bathroom
• Sommier bed
• Bedding
• Amenities
• Heating and ventilation
• Daily room service
• Full board

Hotel Campos del Sur recommends you to enjoy a rural day arriving early in the morning and staying until the following day.

As a Campos del Sur guest we offer you the four meals of the day: rural breakfast, lunch: asado criollo (“Criollo” BBQ), afternoon snacks and gourmet cuisine.

For further details on Our cuisine, Our lounges and activities

The Cuisine
Our chef offers a variety of home flavors prepared with selected ingredients. The vegetables, fruits, meat, eggs and milk is provided by our own countryside or neighboring countryside.Our cuisine is based on our delicious and traditional “asado” (bbq) at midday and gourmet cuisine, with a distinctive touch of our autochthonous ingredients, at night.

The accommodation in Pampas del Sur includes four meals and if you only come to spend the day we will welcome you with appetizers and empanadas, lunch and afternoon snack.

Rural Day
At our ranch you will be able to enjoy a relaxing and entertaining day in the country from morning until sunset. In the morning, as from 11am., we will welcome you at our home with:

• Natural juices
• Meat and corn empanadas

At midday we will serve, at our La Crux Lounge, our delicious lunch:
• Asado Criollo (“Criollo” BBQ: Meat and vegetables made on a grill, barbecue pit or mud oven, Different salads).
• Desserts
• Beverage included

In the afternoon, you will enjoy the countryside, free and programmed activities and you will taste sweet exquisites.

Free and Scheduled
Activities Free of Additional Charge

• Guided Ride
• Swimming pool with hydromassages
• Bicycles
• Feeding of animals
• Bird-watching
• Volleyball
• Football
• Toad
• Table football / Table tennis / Pool table
• Board games
• Dvd movies, Home Theatre
• Craktwork display, silver and leather products, regional products
• Yoga Class (once a week)
• Shows in special occasions

During the whole day you will be able to enjoy all the amenities and activities at Pampas del Sur.

Optional Activities (request in advance)
Masagges and alternative therapies
• • • Yoga, Reiki, Shiatzu, Meditation, Brain Gym, Mandalas painting, A healthy touch..

These activities are offered in farms near the lodge:

Flights of baptism
• • • Paragliding
• • • Paramotor
• • • Glider

• Visit to Cañuelas Trade Fair on festivities or fair occasions
• Visit to Uribelarrea (A very tradicional and small town in Cañuelas) at 16Km from the lodge.
• Visit to Valle de Goñi (Goats Establishment with a House of tea) Tea and snacks with no cost for our guests.
• Visit to Establecimiento Las Victorias (Sheeps Establishment with a House of Tea) Tea and snaks with no cost for our guests.
• Visit to Don Bosco Agrotechnic School.
• Adventure Tourism activities
• Wine tastings
• Polo matches
• Pato (Nacional Sport) matches
• Paintball

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