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La Comarca, Hotel con Encanto is situated in beautiful Purmamarca, heart of the mythical ravine, Quebrada de Humahuaca, included in the UNESCO World Heritage Site List. A mere 50 km distance from the City of Jujuy and 180 km away from the City of Salta.

The Hotel's singular architectural style is inspired in the region's landscape and culture, harmonized with the special natural surroundings. Its warm interiors are built using materials obtained from the area such as cactus wood, stone, hand-hewn timber wood, quebracho and poplar wood, canes and clay resulting in a modern uncluttered design.

The Hotel has an open structure, organized around a central square where a group of double rooms, cabins and cottages can be found, terrace-style, as though recreating the typical Andean caserío or 'cattle ranch'. Each room is decorated with a personal touch, fusing handicrafts and paintings by local artists with vanguard designs, thus achieving unique surroundings.

La Comarca's gardens enhance the species of autochthonous flora and combine with the intense green of the alfalfa fields and the backdrop of multicolored mountains. A clear stream cuts across the square, the water's pleasant murmuring sounds drifting throughout the area.

The services provided by the hotel include: Spa, Gymnasium, Restaurant and CAVA wine cellar.

Purmamarca is found in the Northeastern-most part of the Argentine Republic, 65 km away from the Jujuy Airport and 180 km away form the City of Salta. This place has made a name for itself because of its 18th century church, whose nave boasts neat cactus wood carpentry (Historic Monument) and also because of the extraordinary formation of its multicolored mountains. This town upholds the physiognomy and architecture of colonial times.

The town's square hosts an arts and handicrafts fair where one can come by a variety of the region's typical products. From spun items, ornaments made with cactuses or delicious jams, it all paints a vibrant picture for visitors.

Purmamarca is the departure point for excursions that will enable you to better discover the most varied of sceneries. A strategic link between the Humahuaca ravine and the mythical National Route No. 40, it is also the way to the Jama Pass, connecting with Chile and the Pan-American Route leading to Bolivia. The nearby towns of Maimará, Tilcara, Humauaca, Salinas Grandes (salt flats), el Cerro de los Siete Colores (the Mountain of Seven Colors), Paseo de los Colorados are just some of the most convenient choices this destination has to offer.

The region's mild climate has an average temperature range of 20º, with maximum temperatures of 25º C and minimum temperatures of 2º C. The region has 93% sunshine, thus boasting clear days almost the whole year round.

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